Little About Me, Brandy Lane

I am the Event Expert! I have done every kind of event from housewarmings, political events, all type of Church events, family reunions, fundraisers, and the list goes on and on. I do a lot of Free events in my community. It is important to give back and make a change. Did I tell you I also do events for a Jewish Kosher Restaurant? Yes, Mozel Tov. I was blessed to get the position as an event planner and wedding coordinator of a catering company. I learned so much about food, cost, preparation, timing, and so much more. I can set up a buffet and make it pretty so fast…Woo

The company name is special and unique. I came up with a lot of names I loved but when I tried to find a domain for a website they were all taken. I took to my notebook and started writing words and ideas. I wrote my father and mother name, “Willie” and “Lucille”. There is was “Wil – Lu and we all love to party. WillUParty was born. My friend helped me design a log and we started off with a champagne glass for the letter U. I thought, ”How cool to have a Brandy Sniffer Glass to represent me” So we are all together in a name. There it is WillUParty Event Planning LLC.

Knowing how important education is I went back to school and received a Diploma in Wedding Planning from Ashworth College - graduated with honors. Certificate in Event Planning from School Craft College. My other degrees help me in this profession. I have a Bachelor in Financial Planning, so I know how to make every dime count for an event.

I am full of energy and love what I do. I will jump on the microphone (or dance floor) at the party and get the crowed moving if need be. A groom offered me a hosting job a night club after his wedding, true story! I support all events as long as they are not hurting anyone or animals. So let me plan your next one.